Welcome to the Burnside’s Blog. The title of this blog is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Burnside’s Lemma, a very useful result in finite group theory and combinatorics that, despite its common title, did not originate with Burnside. Fighting back against this misnomer, some mathematicians have referred to it as The Lemma That Is Not Burnside’s, hence the blog’s URL and title.

Who’s the blogger? Well, I’m not Burnside. I’m a PhD student in mathematical sciences somewhere on the East Coast of the United States. I have a Bachelor of Music in performance, a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, and a Master of Arts in Mathematics. My main interests in mathematics are in topology and graph theory — my PhD will most likely be in an area of topological or algebraic graph theory. My first paper (in extremal graph theory) was just recently accepted for publication by a peer-reviewed journal, and I presented some of those results at the Joint Mathematics Meeting.


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